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How to Resolve Brother printer drum error

It is quite frequent that we hear from users of Brother printer that they have received an error message displaying “Replace drum”. If you also got this message, do not panic. We are here to give you a proper solution for Brother Printer Drum error. It is a kind of technical error and nothing to worry. Your Brother printer is all right and your decision to trust on Brother printer for your printing purpose was not wrong. Don’t be disillusioned. Brother is one of the finest manufacturer of printer and also a reliable brand. This century-old Japanese company is a trusted company that is producing high-class printers continuously. The problems such as Brother printer drum error are not a result of poor technologies. It occurs only as a momentary fault and with some proper guidance or expert advice, you revive your printer again.

What is exactly Brother printer drum error:

In Brother printers, the drum is a core component, work for receiving the images and transferring it to the paper to complete the print. The drum unit is a cylindrical metallic object that attracts the toner powder from the toner cartridge carrying a static electrical charge. Then applies it to the page. That’s why it always situated in the core area along with the toner cartridge.   

When a Brother device finds any quality altercation, it automatically displays a message on the screen “Replace Drum”. To replace the drum is quite easy and one can do it reading the manual. However, this article will provide you with all the details.

How to find and replace drum in Brother printer?

As it is earlier mentioned that the drum unit is located near the toner cartridge and often connected. Below are some simple and clear directions, by following it you can find and replace the Brother drum unit.

  1. Open the front flap of your printer, you will see the toner cartridge and the drum will be attached to it or underneath it.
  2. Pull the levers down to release the toner cartridge and moving slowly towards yourself take it out from the printer.
  3. There will be a green lever on the toner cartridge, press it and take out the drum unit from the toner cartridge.
  4. Now you can replace the drum unit and lock it back.
  5. Insert it back into the printer.

How to clear the drum error message?

It happens sometimes that you receive “Replace the Drum” message even after changing the drum recently. Now you don’t have to replace the drum again. You only need to clear the message.

In some brands of the toner cartridge, there is a chip that detects the activity of changing the drum and stop sending the error message again. But in many cases, toner cartridge or drum unit don’t come along with the chip. In this situation, the printer cannot detect the replacement of the drum unit and still display the message of replacing the drum.

If you are receiving this message after replacing the drum unit, you need to follow below steps to clear this message.

1. Press the clear button on the display board.
2. Now press the button Number 1 or in some brands press the up arrow
3. Then a message “accepted” will appear on your screen, now you have successfully cleared the error message.

Brother Printer Support Number +(1)-888-846-5560 is available 24X7 for better assistance

If You are a new user and don’t aware about the technicality of printers and are afraid of opening the printer’s components and replacing them on your own, don’t worry you can call us at Brother printer support number at any time and we will guide you to repair your printer by yourself. Our support team will remove all your fear and guide you with the perfectly designed mechanism to make you trouble free.