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How To Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Black Issue: Call us For Further Assistance

Epson printer not printing black is a quite common issue among users. You try to get a print and you find that black ink is missing from everywhere. Now you are unable to continue your printing work and get frustrated. Sometimes you try to fix this problem on your own and may make some blunders lead to more issues. To solve Epson printer not printing black issue require some expert guidance to teach you, step by step until the problem is solved.

Epson printers are known as reliable and sophisticated but sometimes these common issues are inevitable. Despite the fact that Epson manufactures these printers using most innovative technologies under the supervision of expert technician, Epson Epson printer not printing black issue may bother you at any moment. However, reading this article you will be able to resolve this issue easily.

Reason for Epson printer not printing black:

Occurring the issue your printer is not printing black anymore may cause great trouble for you and what causes this issue are given below:

You may have an ink issue that is quite normal. Your black ink may get fully used and now you can not get any black print further.
Also you may encounter with the connection issue. Make sure that everything is connected quite well. A loose connection may also cause you this issue.
If in both situations you do not find any missing element then the reason behind not printing black may be a printer driver. The printer driver may be the ultimate reason for this trouble.

How to fix Printing Issue

You should not try some random ideas to get it fixed otherwise you may get into some more troubles. Here are some techniques used by expert and experienced technician.

Basic things to Fix

Turn off your printer and disconnected all the wires and USB and switch off the power source as well. Wait for a few seconds then again connect all the wires and turn it on again. Now you should go for the test page printing. This option, you can find easily on the Display screen otherwise pick up the manual guide to find it. However, it is quite easy to perform this process. By doing this simple exercise you can fix your printer in minutes.

Check the Ink level in the Cartridge

The shortage of ink in your cartridge may cause you this issue. It is also a quite common reason behind it. In this case, you can guide yourself following these steps:

To check the ink level in the cartridge you have to type “devices and printers” in windows panel and make a search.

Then press to continue and hit the right click to go to the properties section.

Find printing preferences, click on it and then click the Maintenance tab

This tab will show you the level of inks in the cartridge. Double check the level to make sure the finding.

If inks are not quite enough in the cartridge your half of the problem is solved and by changing your cartridge you will be able to get perfect prints again. But if the ink level is sufficient then you should look for the next solution.

Fix Printer Driver Issue

If the above methods are not working for your printer and still not printing black, you may have a faulty printer driver. To solve this issue go to the display of the printer and search “update printer driver”. Find the printer option and click ok to continue. In case if you are unable to perform this action you should not hesitate to call our support system.

Call us at Epson printer support number round the clock

Most of the time you will be able to fix printing issues by applying the above-mentioned methods. However, if you are not sure about these methods and cannot undergo this process, you can call us at our Epson Printer Support Number at any time. We will guide every step to fix your issue. Our support system consists of experts and experienced technicians. They will be happy to assist you.