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Get Instant Help to Resolve Canon Printer Error 6000

Work experience on canon printers makes you feel comfortable and delighted with its innovative user-friendly technologies. Nevertheless, some errors and issue are unavoidable and may appear at any crucial time during work. Canon printer error 6000 is one of the typical error in Canon printers. If you are receiving this message on the printer’s display, you do not need to worry. This article will lead you to get rid of this bug.

Canon Inc. is one of the leading company in printing technology. Canon is making a variety of technical devices related to graphics, photographs, and printing such as camera, Computer printer, photocopier etc in different models rates and features. Canon provides customers a variety of options to choose as per their requirements. Canon printers are highly appreciated due to their stylish design and user-friendly working module. World’s best engineer and experts work under canon to build world most efficient technical printing devices. However technical devices are not untouched by some bug and glitches. Canon printer error 6000 is such an error code that bothers you while taking prints.

Reason for Canon printer error 6000

Some technical or not non-technical issues and some software or hardware issues may cause you this trouble. Sometimes the combination of more than one issue may become the reason for receiving this faulty message. Below are some possible reasons that can cause this error code.

  • In most common cases some dust particle, debris material or ripped paper prevent the opening of the feed roller and sometimes block it completely. Then an error code 6000 display on your board.
  • It also occurs when paper could not fit properly into the system and resist to support the printer functioning.
  • It can also happen when you give a command for multiple pages at a single time.
  • When the printer is loaded with a lot of documents, you may receive similar error messages.
  • When line feed is scratched or smeared you may encounter with this situation.
  • Any defect or fault in the sensor unit or in-line feed may also cause this trouble.

Solution of canon printer error 6000

If you are encountering with this error code, you can keep your worries aside, below are the best solutions for your trouble. These solutions may solve your problem immediately.

  1. Remove the particles: First of all clean all the input feed along with cartridge and driver. Make sure there is no obstacle in form of solid dust or ripped paper. It is quite basic and primary step to remove the error message.
  2. Change the paper feed motor: Check sensor unit, paper rolled unit and other parts of the printer for any defectiveness. If you find any damage you require to replace with new equipment. That may assure your printer running smoothly.
  3. Repair input feed path: If you find any scratched portion on the input feed path, clean all the LF and EJ film sheets to get a better output. This can eliminate the error message.
  4. Look for the socket issue: This will be the last try you should perform on your own to get back your printer performing. Follow the instruction to solve the socket issue.Turn off the device and remove all the wire from power source then let it cool down leaving it for few minutes. Then connect all the wires again and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds and turn on the device. Now, press the stop button twice and repeat the process. In the end, release the power button and press the stop button four times. These solution will help you to continue your printing job again with equal proficiency.

Dial Canon Support system number for further assistance:

In this article, we tried to give you a proper solution to get rid of error code 6000. Although it does not consist all the solution available for canon printers. These methods may solve your issue without any help but if you are unable to perform these methods or problem remains unsolved you should us call at Canon Support system immediately to come under the shelter of experts who will be solving your issues with world-class problem techniques.