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Epson Printer Not Printing Black: Easy Fixes

Epson printers are a symbol of trust and reliability. It shows stability and performs a long run. However, some certain elements lead to faded prints. Epson printer not printing black is an issue which is unexpected for some loyal Epson users as they believed it a credible device. Although sometimes only some connection issues and indirect components may cause you this issue rather than any technical glitch. If you are facing this issue right now, this article will help you get fixed.

Why your Epson printer is not printing black?

Blocked nozzles, faults in printhead or ink error are three elements may cause you this issue. But before getting stressed and looking your manual guide for these terms, you should check all your connections such as USB and wires. Make sure that all the connections are secure.  

If the connections are secure then one of the above three elements is responsible for the underperformance of your printer. Printhead comes with the printer as a built-in that is made for such specific printers. Any replacement may cause you trouble as improper installation or incompatible printhead do not work properly in place of original Epson component.

Other situation is related to the blocked nozzles. Some unwanted debris may be-be stuck in the vents of nozzles that can block the system. And this situation will not let you get the prints properly.

If both conditions are not proved as a valid reason for your problem, check out the cartridge to find out the ink levels. If black ink is not sufficient in cartridge prints, it may be the resultant of faded printouts with missing black lines.

How to fix the issue

If the above-mentioned reasons are one which is not letting you take perfect prints then you do not need to worry because we have all the expertise solutions regarding these bugs. In black and white prints, you are depended a lot on black colors. It fills all the lines with black words. Now a lighter shade or faded black will forbid you to get perfect prints that were expected. Below are some methods that will solve your issue.

Nodes of connection:

Some basic and connection re-plugging may clear out the problems. Make sure that all the connections are perfectly plugin. Check the Bluetooth connection, cable connection, and wireless connection as well. Check all the USB by wiggling it with your finger back and forth. Then turn off the printer and again switch on. You may be able to get perfect prints.  

Fault in printheads

If you have found out the problems in printheads or cartridge, you should replace it with original one or the perfect one. You can take assistance while selecting the best printheads or cartridge. However, for instant solution paper tweaking may help you.

Volume of ink

If the ink level in the cartridge is sufficiently low you will get all your prints faded and dull. If this situation occurs take out your cartridge carefully and replace it with the filled one and test the prints. Surely you will be able to get perfect high-class prints.

Call Epson printer support number to get assistance

If you are still unable to get perfect prints and issues remain, you need a piece of expert advice and solution form core technicians of printer technology. All your problems and issue will be solved under one roof by calling us at Epson printer support number. It is toll-free and ready to provide hands of experts on your printer’s issue.