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HP printer issue 49.4C02 is sometimes tough to diagnose and if you are a little slow to find this issue, it will disconnect the communication between printer and computer and you will end up printing with unexpected errors. You can call us at HP printer support number for better assistance to tackle this issue.

HP is one of the leading manufacturers of Printers through all around the globe. It has earned a name and appreciation in printers technology. Taking care of all the requirements with the current changing environment of official working. They regularly modifying printers technology with innovative methods. However, some technical malfunctions are sometimes hard to detect and lead you producing low-quality printouts. This article will give you proper guidance to solve this issue or you can call HP printer support number at any time.

Basic steps to follow first solving the HP printer issue 49.4C02

First of all, you have to take some basic steps to solve the issue in its earliest. To complete the process follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Check your LAN connection and reboot the device.
  • When the printer gets ready, try to make a test print.
  • If you get a fine print out then you must have fixed the issue.

If the issue remains, continue the process by following below steps:

  •  Firstly, configure the IP address
  • Then upgrade the firmware of the printer.
  • When it gets ready, re-install the driver for your printer.

How to fix the HP printer issue 49.4C02?

After completing the above given process, you need to follow these steps to combat the issue.

  • Remove the PDF and get your printer cool down.
  • Then restart the printer
  • Find out the printing option and go to the PDF file.
  • Press Window+P to open the print window.
  • Choose the advance button option.
  • Then select the print as image option and press OK to print.
  • Now you can check your print as an image document.

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