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Easy tips to resolve Brother Printer Touchscreen not working Error

Some of the technical glitches are common and occur quite often. Brother printer touchscreen not working error is such a bug that occurs in Brother printers to prevent you proceed with any action done by printer display buttons. The printer screen does not respond anymore and hence does not forward any command to the core system. The result is frustrating and you sit back looking at your pile of works yet to be finished. However, Brother printer touchscreen not working error is not such a major issue to worry about. With some simple techniques and smart hacks, you will be able to make your printer live again. Brother printers are manufactured in a great innovative environment. Almost 100-year-old Japanese printer and machinery company Brother is known to manufacture high quality, reliable and efficient electronic products. It is one of the leading company in the field of printing. It has been making quality products for a long time. It has a well-organized mechanism and great teams of world-class engineers who enable Brother’s brand more efficient than ever. It is always a nice experience working on a sophisticated device that is meant for high productivity. However, some technical error such as Brother printer touch screen not working issue may bother you and prevent you to complete a perfect print. If you are encountering the same kind of issue, this article is unarguably written for you to solve your problem.

What causes Brother Printer Touchscreen Error

Brother printer support team has provided some possibilities which may be responsible for the touchscreen error.

1. The surface of the touch screen contains thick dust or scale, which affects signal transmission.
2.Touchscreen failure
3.touchscreen control card failure
4.touchscreen signal line failure
5.Printer host serial port failure
6.printer operating system failure
7.touchscreen driver installation error

How to fix Touchscreen not working Error

Brother support system has organized some specific details to provide complete and perfect solutions. Below are some steps to follow and you will be solving your problem on your own.

Tip 1: Remove all the wires and USB etc from the system. Wait for 10 seconds and connect it back. Now start the device and test the display screen by pressing different options. Then repeat the procedure two-three times if face continuous problem.

Tip 2: You should calibrate the display screen with a blunt object with a point such as plastic or wooden. A stylus is a recommended tool to calibrate the panel. Never use any metal object, it will destroy your touchscreen.

Tip 3: Please follow these steps to get back your touch display working.
Press FAX to the touchscreen to lit up the LEDs on the touch panel.
Long press home button until it shows serial #, ROM version and pages printed.
Long press blank space below the print page option.
You will see a numerical or alphabetical machine function chart.
Press *,0,# in the same order and you will see “0 maintenance” in the top left corner.  
Now press 7 and then 8. The display will show some dots along with numbers 1,2,3,4, and 5. if you see the message error on the display panel you should repeat the process. And you can solve this issue.

Dial Brother Printer Support Number +(1)-888-846-5560 for a complete solution

We have tried to provide you with the best solutions which you can apply on your own. However, if you are not a tech savvy person and facing several issues while performing the above exercise, don’t take risks and call us at Brother printer support number for maximum understanding. You may lead yourself into bigger trouble if you are not sure with methods and make any blunder. Our professional team will take care of all of your queries to guide you in an easy way.